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Why have we created this website?

Pablo Lastras

Natural Medicine Courses is a health website in which we offer the Live Blood Cell Microscopy Course. This course can help health professionals so that they have at their disposal a very powerful tool to know the biological terrain of their patients, as well as see the evolution of these thanks to the treatments applied.

At this time, we have available to the general public the opportunity to study four courses in Spanish: Course in darkfield blood microscopy, HLB Test Course, Iridology Course and Natural Medicine training course, Holistic Educator in Health Sciences. Although for now we have only translated the Live Blood Cell Microscopy Course into English, we hope that the HLB Test of Coagulated Blood Course will also be available very soon.

These courses are the result of many years of research, not only from its creator, Pablo Lastras Palomo, but from a huge number of people who throughout their lives have studied natural methods for the maintenance and restoration of health. The quality of our courses is endorsed by the American University of Holistic Healing of New York (www.auhh.org). When this American university could verify the quality of what was offered, it wanted to be the academic entity that issued the diplomas with its corresponding certificate of the obtained credits.

After my studies of Natural Medicine, Homotoxicology, Iridology, etc., this Course is the result of 20 years of practice with patients in the clinic where, most of these years, I worked as a health professional in Elche (Alicante), Spain.

The Live Blood Microscopy Course is available for download online, but you can always count on our help to answer any questions you may have during the study of this course by contacting us by email. Anyway, we think that due to the well-structured course, we do not believe that you have any problem in understanding it.

We have the satisfaction of being able to ensure that both people who have already passed through our headquarters in Jumilla (Murcia) Spain, and those who have taken our videoconference courses have been very satisfied. Many of them have been able to expand their knowledge in the field of holistic health. Among these people we find doctors, biochemists, nutritionists, psychologists, homeopaths, osteopaths, iridologists, etc.

We want you to take advantage of a tool that is being increasingly used by doctors and health professionals.

Thank you for having dedicated part of your time.