Subject index

Presentation of the course  Live Blood Microscopy

The blood: vital fluid 

  • The blood. Its features
  • Value and significance of pH
  • The blood elements
    • Cellular part 
      • Erythrocytes
      • Leukocytes
      • Thrombocytes
    • Plasma part

Darkfield microscope. Definition. How to operate it.

  • How to operate a darkfield microscope
  • What you can notice with this kind of microscope
  • The basis of the microscopy with immersion oil
  • The basis of the illumination in darkfield microscopy
  • Darkfield microscope with high magnification factor
  • Appliance to biology, medicine and education for health
  • Types of darkfield microscopes
  • How to adjust the condenser of the darkfield microscope

Phase-contrast microscope

  • Introduction to phase-contrast
  • Phase-contrast Microscope
  • Differences between darkfield and phase-contrast microscopy
  • Which microscope to use to the live blood cell analysis?    

Professor Günther Enderlein’s doctrine

  • Günther Enderlein. Biografy
  • Synthesis of proffesor Günther Enderlein’s doctrine
    • Symbiosis
  • Contraindication betwen Enderlein and the modern Biology
    • The cell
    • Blood sterility
    • Monomorphism
  • Health and disease according to Enderlein
  • The effect of Mucor and Aspergillus in the organism
  • Healing of disease according to Enderlein
  • Summary of researches of Enderlein

Genetic cycles development of blood parasite 

  • Protite
  • Association of protites
  • Chondrite stadium
  • Processes of formation of cell
    • Cell nucleus splits
      • Thecit
      • Colloid thecit
      • Diacothecit
    • The entire cell is divided
  • The importance of pH in bacterial development
  • Special properties of Mucor Racemosus Fresen
  • Microbial instincts 
    • Self-preservation instinct
    • Reproductive instinct
    • Stability or power instinct (systatogenesis)

Conventional Live blood cell analysis  

Blood extraction

The ideal blood

Red blood cells

  • Different kinds of poikilocytes
  • Various types of eskistocytes
  • Others anomalies of the erythrocyte

White blood cells – Leukocytes

  • Granulocytes
  • Agranulocytes

Observation of blood plasma

  • Crystalline formations
  • Proteins in the blood
  • Other plasma elements
  • Symplast
  • Kind of symplast

Parasite infections in the blood

  • Babesiosis 
  • Lyme disease 
  • Trypanosomiasis 
  • Bartonellosis 
  • Anaplasmosis 
  • Malaria 
  • Chagas disease 
  • Toxoplasmosis 
  • Mycoplasma infection 
  • Helminths infection
  • Filariasis 

How to perform the live cell blood analysis 

  • Erythrocytes
    • Size and quantity
    • Connections or ligaments between erythrocytes
    • Stack up or symplast aggregation
    • Membrane and structure analysis
  • Leukocytes
    • Activity (very active, inactive or autolytic)
    • Quantity
    • Toxicity
  • Blood plasma
    • Thrombocytes
      • Amount and valency
      • Aggregations or symplastes
    • Fibrin
      • Presence
      • Quantity and size
    • Symbionts (amount and valency)
      • Symprotites
      • Tecites, Diechotecites
      • Chondrites y makrochondrites
      • Ascites and synascites
      • Sporoider symprotites or heavy metals
    • Symplastes
      • Of blood cells (erythrocytes, leukocytes) 
      • Of thrombocytes
      • Of scleral or pseudocsrystal phase 
      • Mucor or Aspergillus (prevalence)
  • How to do the blood extraction
  • Different blood pictures.
    • Healthy blood picture
    • Common blood picture
    • Pathological blood picture
  • From other standpoints blood analysis (biology, orthomolecular nutritional sciences)

Blood cell in darkfield Microscopy digital Atlas analysis. 

Blood cells and symbionts with darkfield microscope videos analysis. 


Relation between blood alteration and risk factors according to Robert Bradford.

Relation between blood alteration and risk factors according to our discretion.

Principal blood cells pictures in synoptic table. 

Forms, such as erythrocytes adapt to  endobiosis.

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