Live blood cell microscopy course

We are pleased to announce the presentation for English speaking medical professionals and people interested the possibility of acquiring the Live Blood Cell in Darkfield and Phase-contrast Microscopy Course.

Since the acquisition of microscopes by therapists has been much more affordable from middle of the last century to the present, and along with research of the health from a point of view of Biology, the live blood study under darkfield and contrast-phase microscope has been gaining ground among conventional and alternative medical therapies.

This type of biological health study has allowed not just to help therapists to know their patients much better, but to give them the possibility of becoming much better aware of the changes they need to make to prevent disease or return to a healthy state.

The Blood Cell in Darkfield and Phase-contrast Microscopy Course that we present is unique for the quality of what it offers. There is at your disposal not only the theory in several PDFs, and also more than 1000 images in darkfield and phase-contrast, with exceptional quality, as well as about 300 videos, so that you can visualize on your computer or your mobile device as many times as you want the material and learn from him. 140 videos have audio (at the moment in Spanish), but we have translated the audio content of the videos into English, so you do not miss anything.

Although in this course it is indispensable to know in deep the Dr. Günter’s investigations, one of the main investigators in the last century, we want to make progress and to stay current on what modern researches demonstrate. Moreover, we want to contribute our humble experience of more than 19 years in practice and personal investigation. We think that it would be an error to limit us just to the professor Enderlein’s theory, as this kind of studio has to be receptive to other possible biological interpretations (nutritional and orthomolecular). Actually, some therapists give just this kind of application; others do it because think that theories of professor Enderlein have been refuted by Scient.

We are convinced that the benefits of applying this biological technique will mark a “before and after” in your study of the health.

For more information, please visit the complete presentation in the link below.

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